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Water Soluble CDB 250 Mg Oil

Water Soluble CDB 250 Mg Oil

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This tincture is a water soluble CBD additive.  This CBD tincture is prepared to be a full spectrum product, containing CO2 extracted CBD derived from organic industrial hemp.   It can be taken everyday as a dietary supplement. This tincture can be added to any beverage, eLiquid or even taken sublingually.   Please call, email or live chat during business hours with any questions.  


-Bottle contains 30mL of 250mg CBD

-One dropper full is equivalent to 1mL 

-CBD is a naturally occurring chemical in the body

-CBD is non-psychoactive and does NOT have the ability to induce the euphoric high associated with THC

-CBD can help with: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Seizures & Epilepsy, Headaches, Withdrawals and the list keeps on going.

-CBD is also a very strong anti-oxidant

-Terpenes are divided up into "color classes". When you hear about a product being "Full Spectrum", this is exactly what they are talking about. This means at a minimum, there is 1 terpene from each color category in the product.


Made in USA