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The clothing industry tells us women are defined by fast fashion. That we buy impulsively, based on what this brand or that tells us is cool this season. That our wardrobes are disposable, we don’t care about quality or finding special & unique pieces we wear for season after season, letting it get worn & tell a story. I don’t shop that way, and I believe a lot of you don’t either. This is the reason for Snake Eyes Society.

Snake Eyes Society grew as an extension to Snake Oil Provisions, which launched online in November 2013 and opened a physical storefront on July 25, 2014. After seeing a growing demand for high-quality, wearable goods in the women's wear sector, we launched Snake Eyes Society in Winter 2017 as a capsule in Snake Oil Provisions and opened our own storefront in April 2018.

When you visit us in-store or via the interwebs, we want you to feel like you're taking a real-life tour of our own closets since everything we carry is literally a part of our own daily wardrobes. We strive to give you a tightly edited selection of women's top-to-bottom basics, presented in a way that's easily shoppable: every piece is carefully selected to pair effortlessly with anything else in the store (or in your closet at home).