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I Got It For My Mama: Gift Ideas for Every Mom...and Budget

 Mama's Day is right around the corner.  But don't panic, here's our five- plus-one guide to some of our most favorite things for every type of mom and budget.

Candles, Diffusers, Room Sprays


Perfect for the mom who loves shrimp cocktail but doesn't want her home to smell like it.  Or maybe has to share a bathroom with men...Of course, Square Trade Good products smell delightful, but they're also clean, meaning you can feel good about using these products made from natural soy wax (candles), US-made ingredients & vessels, and hand-poured in Richmond, Virginia.
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Jewelry (Duh!)


Everyone knows women like jewelry, and our newest maker, Selah Vie, designs & makes her entire line in New York of genuine sterling silver and 14k gold fill.  If Mom has sensitive skin, she'll love that these pieces are safe for folks sensitive to metals, lightweight and comfortable for daily wear, minimal (and just a little bit edgy) to fit anyone's style.
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Tretorn Nylites


Whether your mom was a fan of forever stylish tennis heart throb Bjorn Borg or simply likes a damn comfy pair of canvas sneakers, the Tretorn Nylite has been my favorite go-to summer sneaker for 10 years.  Seriously, this sneaker looks incredible with everything--skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, trousers and are ridiculously comfy thanks to the squishiest Oro-Lite footbed, real rubber outsole, soft canvas uppers and eco-friendly terry cloth foot liners (for extreme softness if you wanna wear them sock-less).  I mean, they were originally designed for the tennis court, so they gotta be pretty legit, amirite?!  In addition to core Nylites, we've also got the new André 3K collabs in stock now.  Joy!
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Levi's Wedgies


Chances are real good that the woman of nearly any age in your life has at least one pair of Levi's Wedgies in her arsenal.  Believe me when I say, they're everything they're cracked up to be...and more!  Cotton denim, super flattering fit, comfy as all get out, and appropriate for any age and shape.  These are (hot) mom jeans all day.  
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Leather Jacket


Maybe Mom needs something a little extra this year.  A great leather jacket somehow has the power to make you feel cool and put together in an instant, without even trying.  Asymmetrical jackets are hot now, and they'll still be hot in 5, 10, 20 years.  Our jackets are investment pieces you'll want to live in! They're durable & hard-wearing and come in a range of weights that are perfect year round for those chilly evening flag football games (guaranteed to be the coolest mom on the field).
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Snake Eyes Society Gift Cards


The gift that's always right on time.  Give Mom what she really wants deep pick out her own gift.  SES gift cards are available both online and in store.
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To make life even easier, we love gift wrapping!  Give us a few extra minutes in store, and we'll take care of everything for you.